Release Date: 2014/10/13


Salute by Tomáš Kuchta, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Defence of the CR

It is my distinct honour and privilege as De­puty Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic to say a few words on the occasion of this year’s INDO DEFENCE Expo & Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia. Taking place already for the INDO DEFENCE is rightfully regarded as one of the top five most prominent defence and security technology exhibitions in the whole world, being a leader of its kind in Asia. In 2014, once again this prestigious event awaits a broad representation of leading global defence manufacturers and expects to welcome dozens of official governmental and military delegations from all over the globe.

From 5 to 8 November this year, Jakarta will become the centre of defence and security industry trade negotiations. The significance of this event can be easily demonstrated by
fi­gures from previous INDO DEFENCE in 2012 when the Indonesia alone has signed several huge contracts with the present exhibitors while many other important partnerships were established on the place. This year, 603 companies from 45 countries will show their production in 25 pavilions.

Among them, fifteen Czech companies will present a broad port­folio of the most representative military equipment and technologies, showing Czech defence and security industry’s capabilities and capacities across the board. Being responsible for supporting our high quality defence and security industry products abroad as a Deputy Defence Minister, it makes me proud to note that it truly deserves its place in such a respected company.

Our industry’s rich tradition dates back to the interwar period, when Czechoslovakia was one of the leading arms producers and ex­porters on a global scale. In recent decades, it has focused on aircraft and aircraft support equipment, ammunition, and small arms and light weapons. Moreover, it has excelled in designing the most advanced chemical, biologic, radiological and nuclear defence systems and equipment, high-tech radio com­munication systems, special fabrics for military applications and many other products.

The long-term experience that Czech ma­nufactu­rers have gathered paves the way for coming up with innovative and modern pro­ducts and services that meet the highest quality standards necessary for successfully compe­ting in NATO and European Union member states as well as in other parts of the world. In this regard, Czech defence and security industries have enjoyed vital support from the Czech Defence and Security Industry Association as well as from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Defence.

The Czech national display at INDO DEFENCE 2014 is going to showcase a wide range of wea­pons and ammunition, advanced telecom systems, optronics as well as highly effective chemical warfare agents and industrial contaminant detection systems, camouflage systems, battle dresses and kits and other attractive items on display. The Czech Republic’s national display exhibit includes pre­sentation of operations by additional prominent companies such as Aircraft Industries, Avec Chem, CzechTrade, Česká zbrojovka, ERA, DICOM, Globe Trade, Gumárny Zubří, LANEX, Meopta – Systems, OMNIPOL, Poličské strojírny, Sellier & Bellot and T-CZ. As has been the case in previous years as well, the MS Line publishing house with its CDIS Review is going to represent the Czech defence-oriented periodicals.

INDO DEFENCE 2014 is going to provide mul­tiple opportunities to confront the cutting-edge of Czech-made products with what their foreign competitors can offer, providing the Czech industries with a comparison that will enable them to keep up with prominent worldwide opera­ting defence and security contractors.

It is my sincere pleasure to wish the organizers, exhibitors and visiting decision-makers success, inspiration, fruitful exchange of information and indeed everything they expect such an important event to deliver. 


Opening speech by Jiří Hynek, President of DSIA CR

Dear exhibitors, dear visitors,

The defence industry of the Czech Republic has always ranked among the best ones in Europe. Its long-stan­ding tradition, excellent experts and their invention and creativity are the properties the Czech defence and security industry can be proud of. Unfortunately, the Czech market is too small for the local defence industry, which is why we cannot do without exports. The exclusive exhibition INDO DEFENCE 2014 can make a significant contribution in this respect. It provides a comprehensive idea of the Czech industry’s capabilities and its broad portfolio of products and services. Thanks to the high technological standard of the products presented at the exhibition, the Czech defence and security industry can contribute to the elimination of globally growing security risks. 

Many companies presenting their pro­ducts and services during this ex­hibition are members of the Defence and Security Industry Asso­ciation of the Czech Republic (DSIA). Since its origin, the Association has earned a de­served place in the defence and security system of the Czech Republic. It has become an important communication hub and platform of cooperation between the industry and the state authorities of the Czech Republic or security structures of other countries. It is an important partner of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, as well as of other ministries and agencies responsible for national security and defence. Last but not least, it cooperates with the Parliament of the Czech Republic, in particular with the Foreign, Defence and Security Committee of the Senate and the Defence Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. 

The Association maintains numerous international contacts with its partner associations or similar organizations in the European Union, NATO member countries and other parts of the world. Representatives of the Association speak in support of the interests of our country in the NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG) and are also present in the structures of the Aerospace and Defence Industries Asso­ciation of Europe (ASD). These relations are a spring-board for efforts of the Czech defence and security industry to be involved in specific international projects. The quality of products and services of the Czech defence and security industry can be seen not only in the domestic market, but in different parts of the whole world to which the pro­ducts and services are exported to satisfaction of their users. The satisfaction is always the best re­ference.

I wish to all visitors and exhibitors to enjoy the exhibition and Czech defence and security pro­ducts and services.