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CDIS Review – Publication specifications


The journal intends to cover Czech national security policy and communication between the public and government administrations and defence and security industries. It is also intended for international promotion and support of Czech defence and security industries and for presenting international companies in the Czech Republic.

Journal Content

The journal content preferably covers Czech Republic’s defence and security policies resulting from Czech National Security Strategy and from the international political orientations of the Czech Republic resting in the basic principles of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s strategic concept and European Union’s European Security Strategy. It brings comprehensive and objective information of its latest development, particularly of its implementation in Czech armed forces, national security forces as well as private enterprise subjects in security and defence industries.

As a Czech Republic Defence and Security Industry Association’s (DSIA) media partner it wants to continue in paying exceptional attention to presenting its abilities and results in supporting national defence and security capacity. The centre of gravity of that issue consists in promoting and protecting DSIA’s entrepreneurial and business interests in the dialog with Czech Republic Parliament and Government, ministries and other national administration bodies, political parties and other national or international institutions. It traditionally presents Czech ventures’ manufacturing plans and products and Association members’ involvement in development and modernisation programmes of the armed forces and security corps of the Czech Republic and its members’ export abilities in terms of defence technology and material.

Journal content divides into the following areas by topics:

Government and public administration

  • Czech Republic defence and security policy: implementation and development in compliance with security ambitions and interests.
  • Government and public administration leading authorities’ opinions about national defence and security policy making and implementation.

Czech Republic Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces

  • Implementation of political and military ambitions of and formation of Czech Republic armed forces under the conditions of reduced defence budget framework, meeting Czech Ministry of Defence long-term vision.
  • Czech deployable forces’ abilities development and forming into a single corps of structured, versatile and interoperable forces.
  • Upgrade of armament, supporting systems and infrastructure of armed forces elderly generations.
  • Presentations contracted with government institutions in the form of PR articles.

Defence and Security Industry Association

  • Contribution by Czech security and defence industries to Czech armed forces modernisation projects, such as transport helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile command, control and reconnaissance systems, satellite tracking systems and protection against booby-traps and mass destruction weapons.
  • Czech companies and plants’ contribution to the implementation of particular Czech military forces’ armament/upgrade projects, such as armoured carrier (2009-2013), light armoured vehicle 4×4 (2010-2013), Soldier of the 21st century (2010-2014), off-road passenger car project (2010-2012), modernisation of mobile medical units, artillery reconnaissance tools (2010-2014), light mortars and modern 3D radars.
  • Mutual collaboration of defence and security industry enterprises and Czech military forces in research and development, involvement of Czech enterprises in the tenders launched by the ministries of defence and of the interior, lessons learnt and challenges.
  • Contracted presentations of DSIA enterprises, paid advertising and PR articles.

NATO and European Union

  • NATO’s strategic concept prepared for the following years and conclusions applicable to the Czech Republic and its armed forces.
  • Czech Republic’s contribution to the implementation of European Union’s European Security Strategy and Czech armed forces’ engagement in the operations outside of EU member countries region.
  • Czech Republic involvement in European Defence Agency’s projects through Czech defence and security industry enterprises, Czech Republic participation in NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) and Czech contributions to the solutions of helicopter capacity availability for the operations (Mi) within EU
  • New European legislation applicable to defence and security industries, situation in the prepared European amendment to international military materiel trade law


  • Training of Czech security corps in keeping Czech Republic security and solving other than military crisis situations in Czech territory placing accent on Czech government, National Security Council, Central Crisis Staff, Czech National Police and municipal police departments.
  • Operation of each of the Czech national security system elements stressing the development and modernisation programmes of the individual elements and the contribution by Czech industry to their implementation.
  • Advertising and PR articles for companies and enterprises involved in security technology and security equipment.

Integrated Rescue System

  • Presentation of the integrated rescue system presented as an interrelated system of rules and coordination of rescue and security elements of government and local administrations, physical and legal entities in joint rescue and relief actions and in preparations for incidents.
  • Current missions and needs of the basic units of IRS and fire fighting rescue system and paramedic service in terms of their equipment and expected development and modernisation programmes and the contribution from Czech security and defence industries to meet them.

Utilisation of EU structural fund options

Exhibitions, presentations, distribution

  • Presentation of Czech defence and security industries companies at military, security, aircraft and airport technology exhibitions supported by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade and Czech Trade Agency within OPPI Programme.
  • Introduction of Czech companies present at international trade fairs or exhibitions
  • Availability of presentations in the regions they could find market for their products, such as Latin America (Chile, …), Albania or former Eastern block countries.
  • Since 2010 free distribution of the journal in the European Union countries, USA, Russian Federation and in the regions of Asia, Latin America, Near East and Southern Africa. Our plan for the first year of such prominent changes is to use approximately 30 thousand copies to cover the stakeholders at the ministries of foreign affairs, defence, interior and industry and trade plus the executive elements, i.e. military, police, security agencies, fire-fighters-rescuers and medics and the appropriate unions/associations in as many as almost 30 European countries. Distribution would increase in the following years according to the demand and interest in each of the countries.
  • The principle is applied to the particular distributions to single trade fairs/exhibitions of military, security, rescue or medical technology or equipment abroad, as well as to the congresses or conferences in the branch.
  • The journal is distributed to the defence attaché offices at the embassies of foreign countries to the Czech Republic as well as to the Czech defence attaché or trade offices at Czech diplomatic missions abroad.

The total distribution scheme network for the quarterly circulation of approximately 2000 to 3000 copies shall be as follows: 1200 to 1500 copies through regular distribution network to particularly nominal entities in the Czech Republic and to the above-mentioned EU countries or world regions, remaining 800 to 1500 copies to specified trade fairs/exhibitions and partially for the editorial board, Czech DSIA/ASIS members or the prominent institutions in the Czech Republic.

The last CDIS Review 2/2011 issue of 3000 copies circulation was distributed, for example and among others, at IDET and PYROS/ISET exhibitions for free in the volume of more than 1000 copies handed to VIP guests, delegations, press and business centres, all of other exhibitors, accompanying programme attendants and to the guests too.


The journal is not intended for sale, sent for free through the exclusive distribution network to particularly determined subscribers. The distribution network is regularly updated for each issue consisting of involved public and government bodies, such as the Parliament, government office, ministries, diplomatic missions in the Czech Republic or abroad, NATO/EU representatives. Since May it has newly been distributed to all Czech Senate members. Further the list includes industry leaders and other expert public representatives mostly at exhibitions or conferences. Journal circulation suffices for the mentioned community and exhibition representation in the actual quarter. 
hre is no competitive journal in the Czech Republic. Its content is restrainedly above any competition and unique. Neither a similar journal has arisen in any post-communist country in recent twenty years. Its international position is quite exceptional in the branch being well known, its advertising capacity is used by the agencies of major international exhibitions such as Eurosatory (Paris), FIDAE (Chile), IDEX (Abu Dhabi), MILIPOL (Paris), security conference hosts in Prague, Berlin, Paris, London, etc. 
Tetarget audience of readers is clearly defined resulting from the basic characteristics. First, it is communication between the public and government administration bodies and defence and security industries. We are a media partner of DSIA CR, Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers and Dealers Association in CR, AGA, Brno Trade Fairs for IDET, PYROS and ISET exhibitions, NATO Days, FaS Days, international conferences, etc.
MS Line and CDIS Review journal is the only European Military Press Association (EMPA) member coming from the Czech Republic.
Advertising: e.g.. CDIS Review 2/2011 pg. 2, lower right – list of 33 advertisers. Leading international advertisers include EADS, Israeli Elbit, multinational Rheinmetall, Swedish SAAB, Military Airbus and others.

In advertising evaluation using performance to price ratio CDIS Review ranks among the leaders in global scale.

Being not for sale, we have got no paying subscribers, but the constant nominal distribution counts 1300 free subscribers.

Every year, we regularly award the most significant individuals and companies, plus the best exhibits and displays at IDET exhibition in collaboration with acknowledged international jury of journalists – see January 2011 editors board meeting or during IDEB (Bratislava), Future Soldier (Prague) or recent IDET (Brno) exhibitions.

Since May 2011 the journal is also available in the VIP passenger terminal of Kbely military airport in Prague.